Journal Club

Journal club continues this year on the 4th Friday of the month with a powerpoint presentation and discussion from 3 – 4 pm in MUMC 3N10A, then continuing the discussion at the Phoenix for those who are interested. Please email Jen Stearns to sign up for empty spots. A blog post introducing the paper you’ll present should go up one week before your presentation and notes on each journal club discussion should be taken by the next person on the schedule and turned into a brief post on the pros and cons of the research discussed. See you all there!

2018 Schedule

  • March 23, Jennifer Stearns
  • April 27, Hiba Shareefdeen
  • May 25, Alex Hynes
  • June 22, Luna ElDakiky
  • July 27, Lucas Flett
  • Aug 24, Giada De Palma
  • Sept 28, Shahrokh Shekarriz
  • Oct 26, Alberto Caminero
  • Nov 23, Daphnee Lamarche

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