Introducing: Microbiome Working Group

More and more, we are becoming aware that there are a lot of researchers at McMaster who are dabbling in the microbiome. Some labs are hot-beds of microbial research, whilst others are using microbiome-related datasets as part of a more diverse toolbox to study their phenomenon of interest. The later means that there are often one or two researchers per-lab who are using these tools in semi-isolation.

I am very happy to introduce the Microbiome Working Group, a weekly, drop-in, work/discussion hour with the aim of bringing microbiome researchers together, independent of sample type, laboratory, or skill level. This isn’t a meeting; there are no presentations. This is about getting research and analysis done. Bring your laptop and use the presence of like-minded others as motivation. Test out your new analysis idea on your peers (before you spend months trying it out). Bring any obstacles you might have run into. Come once a month, or come every week.

Microbiome Working Group will occur every Tuesday at 3pm in HSC-3N10A until further notice. Students, postdocs, PIs etc., human microbiome or otherwise, everyone is welcome!

(Note: if this kind of thing interests you, you most likely would get a kick out of our monthly Journal Club as well!).

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2 Responses to Introducing: Microbiome Working Group

  1. Hi. I am interested in joining your club, but I am not in McMaster University. Is possible for me to join online?

    • Fiona Whelan says:

      Hi there! Sure! We do meet in person to discuss the papers that we choose each month, but you can always comment to us with your thoughts via the website and/or twitter.

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