Human Phageome – Getting to know bacterial viruses inside o’me

Study of the human microbiota has been dominated by assessing the bacterial communities existing at different surfaces, primarily in the gastrointestinal tract.  While more recent studies have begun to assess fungal and viral communities, the extent to which these impact health are far from being known.  Bacteriophages are viruses that infect and complete their life cycle in bacterial cells.  While many biological tools have arisen from the examination of phages, the naturally occurring phages within our bacterial microbiota have not been extensively studied.  A recent article has examined the healthy human gut phageome, suggesting a core phageome in healthy people.

Please join us in MUMC 3N10A on October 28 from 3-4pm to discuss this article.  The objectives of this journal club will be: 1) to assess the methods involved in assessing the DNA phages living in the gut; 2) discussing their determination of a  “core” phageome, and 3) discussing the impacts of phage ecology in healthy and diseased people.

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