Delivery by C-section Has No Effect on the Infant Microbiome… Wait What?

baby-1867222_960_720Every paper on the infant microbiome starts with known determinants… infant diet (formula or breastfeeding), oral antibiotic use and delivery method. But a new paper just out from Kjersti Aagaard’s group, who you may remember as the placental microbiome folks, looks at the effect of delivery method on the infant microbiome across multiple body sites. Unlike a previous study, where there was an interruption of the transfer of microbes from mom to infant, this paper found no association between delivery by C-section and differences in the infant gut microbiome.

This Friday, January 27th at 3pm in HSC 3N10A, we will take a critical eye to the evidence presented in Chu et al. 2017. Our, no doubt, lively discussion will include:

  • What is a confounder, modifier and covariate?
  • How did they account for confounders and modifiers?
  • How microbial community structure differed in this paper from previous reports?

The discussion will continue at the Phoenix afterward.

Chu, D. M., Ma, J., Prince, A. L., Antony, K. M., Seferovic, M. D., & Aagaard, K. M. (2017). Maturation of the infant microbiome community structure and function across multiple body sites and in relation to mode of delivery. Nat Med, advance online publication. Retrieved from



About Jennifer Stearns

Farncombe Family Chair in Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics and Assistant Professor at McMaster University
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2 Responses to Delivery by C-section Has No Effect on the Infant Microbiome… Wait What?

  1. Flávio Kjellin says:

    Hello, Im a brazilian student and currently working in a meta analysis about correlation of birth methods and atopy. I wish I could watch this meeting online or somekind of review of what have been discussed, is it possible?

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