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Farncombe Family Chair in Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics and Assistant Professor at McMaster University

Are we studying the ecology of molecules rather than of microbes?

This week’s journal club paper was the focus of an mBio editorial entitled “In Nature, There Is Only Diversity” that discusses the abstraction of biological concepts such as microbial species and strain by marker gene sequencing and the operational taxonomic … Continue reading

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Human Microbiome working group 2018

The Microbiome Working Group has moved back to Tuesdays! This is a weekly, drop-in, work/discussion hour that aims to bring microbiome researchers together –  independent of sample type, laboratory, or skill level. This isn’t a meeting and there are no presentations. This … Continue reading

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Working Group is Moving!

The microbiome working group is a drop in space to support anyone working with microbiome data who feels that they could use some advice or instruction. The intent is for people to help each other and everyone who uses the … Continue reading

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Delivery by C-section Has No Effect on the Infant Microbiome… Wait What?

Every paper on the infant microbiome starts with known determinants… infant diet (formula or breastfeeding), oral antibiotic use and delivery method. But a new paper just out from Kjersti Aagaard’s group, who you may remember as the placental microbiome folks, … Continue reading

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A network based approach to longitudinal analysis of the microbiota

Analysis of the microbiome over time is hard. You can treat the abundance of each bacterial taxa as a separate outcome and look at them all individually but then you lose interactions between them. Worse yet, you can treat each measurement … Continue reading

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Sign up now for the human microbiome journal club

Journal club continues this year with a powerpoint presentation and discussion from 3 – 4 pm in MUMC 3N10A, then continuing the discussion at the Phoenix for those who are interested. See the schedule here and sign up for empty spots! A … Continue reading

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Microbiome Working Group is on a roll!

  As the Microbiome Working Group picks up momentum we’ve needed to move to bigger rooms to facilitate more than one discussion at a time. I would like to congratulate everyone who participated so far and welcome you keep the momentum going … Continue reading

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Fork vs. Spoon: How do you consume your science literature?

Today’s journal club discussion was about how to stay on top of the literature for your field. To me there are three parts to this question: How do you find out about new papers then what do you do store these … Continue reading

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Sifting through microbial lineages within metagenomes

We’re starting the year off by discussing a new paper out this month on metagenomic data analysis (Darling et al. 2014 PeerJ 2:e243). Members of the Matsen and Eisen labs came together to explore methods for phylogenetic-based microbial community analysis and the result … Continue reading

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Stability of the gut microbiota

Two pitchers later we’d only gotten through the first figure. Here are the notes but I spent more time discussing than typing so they’re incomplete. Does anyone have a suggestion for the next paper?

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