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Microbiology graduate student at McMaster University. I study the immune response to commensals in the human airways. @jukais

Recommended Reading: Maternal Microbial Transmission

The human microbiome is a highly complex community of microorganisms that conveniently does good for our health while we provide it with a cozy place to live. With the advent of sequencing technology, scientists have taken the opportunity to explore … Continue reading

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Bacteriophage at mucosal sites help keep bacteria at bay

Scientists recently described a new form of symbiosis at our mucosal sites with an unassuming partner: bacteriophage. In a paper published in PNAS, Jeremy Barr and colleagues noticed that phage are enriched at mucosal surfaces compared to surrounding surfaces and … Continue reading

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Microbe of the Week: Photorhabdus luminescens – a bug on the battlefield

I first came across Photorhabdus luminescens while listening to a TWiM podcast and became quite intrigued by the lifestyle of this microorganism in the environment and how it has made its mark in human history, making it one of my … Continue reading

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RePOOPulate: Less sick and less “ick”

Hot off the press this week in the first issue of the open-source journal Microbiome is a paper demonstrating the proof of principle that synthetic stool is an effective alternative for donor stool used in fecal transplants for treating recurrent C. difficile infections. … Continue reading

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Sequencing Tutorial Slides

Last Friday Christine King led an informative tutorial on next generation sequencing of microbes. Thanks to all those who attended and who helped organize and support the event! For those who couldn’t make it or forgot to bring a pen and … Continue reading

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Microbial Sequencing 101: From bench-top to FASTA file

Are you itching to know what secrets lay in the nucleic acid of your favourite microbe? Are you curious in learning how to go from an environmental/clinical sample to revealing its microbial composition? On Friday July 13th from 12PM to 1PM … Continue reading

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The Pros of Probiotics

We’ve all heard the claims of probiotic yogurts and their benefits for human health, but aside from improving our belly dancing skills, what exactly are probiotic bacteria doing? An elegant study from the Jeffrey Gordon lab explored the effects of consuming … Continue reading

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Interactive Human Microbiome Map

Scientific American provides an interactive map of the human microbiome in their latest online issue. Click on the bacteria to find out more about the individual species, including links to recent publications on their role in human health. A quick … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Enterotypes of the human gut microbiome

This Thursday Jen Lau from the Surette lab will be presenting a paper that suggests the human gut microbiota can be clustered into three enterotypes. Is it possible that your gut microbiota falls into the same cluster as someone that … Continue reading

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Were you born with bacteria?

The question of whether the fetus is sterile has come up on a few occasions recently, so for those of you interested, here is some of the evidence out there on the controversial topic. One research group in particular takes … Continue reading

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