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A few papers of interest…

If anyone is interested in some microbiome reading, I’ve posted some references below of a few recent papers.  One is the current status of the Human Microbiome Project.  There is another one the connection between the microbiome and cancer.  I’ve … Continue reading

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This week’s talk: Gut commensal colonization via activation of TLR2

Hi everyone! For our first week back I will be presenting a paper entitled “The Toll-like receptor 2 pathway establishes colonization by a commensal of the human microbiota”.  This paper by Round, et. al, published in May of this year, demonstrates … Continue reading

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Summer Break

Hi all, Thank-you to everyone who presented so far at our journal club meetings.  The presentations have been well done and some very good discussion has taken place.  We hope to continue this journal club in the fall when everyone … Continue reading

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UPDATE! New paper for today’s journal club!

Hi all, Mike Dorrington will be unable to present today due to health concerns.  Instead Matt Workentine will be presenting a paper analyzing the impact of human milk glycobiome on infant microbiota (Zivkovic, et al., 2011).  Please join us today … Continue reading

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Interesting microbiome paper just out in Nature

Hi everyone, There is an interesting new paper just out in Nature that basically sorts the human microbiome into three distinct groups.  Lots of discussion potential, definitely a good paper for an upcoming journal club.  Carl Zimmer also has a … Continue reading

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