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So you want to be a MicrobiomeAnalyst?

Analysis of microbiota composition has been an ongoing pursuit for decades. However, the improved feasibility of next-generation sequencing techniques have greatly increased access to gigabytes of microbiome data. Whether you look at the hypervariable regions of bacterial 16S rRNA gene … Continue reading

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Human Phageome – Getting to know bacterial viruses inside o’me

Study of the human microbiota has been dominated by assessing the bacterial communities existing at different surfaces, primarily in the gastrointestinal tract.  While more recent studies have begun to assess fungal and viral communities, the extent to which these impact health are … Continue reading

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Bacterial communities in the lung and stomach – how did they get there?

The human microbiota has become more diverse than what scientists believed when the Human Microbiome Project started over a year ago.  Initially, the lung and stomach, two unique mucosal surfaces, were not even initially included in the sample collections.  As … Continue reading

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