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October journal club will be moved to Nov 2

This week’s journal club will be postponed until next Friday where Alberto Caminero will talk to us about the microbiome and Celiac disease. Until then have a happy Halloween! Advertisements

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Citizen Science and the Microbiome: uBiome studies women’s health

Everyone that reads this blog has some stake in the human microbiome game, so I’m assuming that you would all be interested in exploring your own personal microbiomes! If you haven’t heard of them by now, uBiome is a company started … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Maternal Microbial Transmission

The human microbiome is a highly complex community of microorganisms that conveniently does good for our health while we provide it with a cozy place to live. With the advent of sequencing technology, scientists have taken the opportunity to explore … Continue reading

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The microbial cloud

One of my favourite microbiologist is Jonathan Eisen, mostly because of the way he thinks about the microbial world around us and challenges conventions in science and elsewhere, but also because he’s creative and funny and outspoken in social media. … Continue reading

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RePOOPulate: Less sick and less “ick”

Hot off the press this week in the first issue of the open-source journal Microbiome is a paper demonstrating the proof of principle that synthetic stool is an effective alternative for donor stool used in fecal transplants for treating recurrent C. difficile infections. … Continue reading

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Back from hiatus…

Although things have been slow here on the HMjc site and it’s been a while since anyone presented a paper in journal club, my TO READ pile of human microbiome research papers continues to grow. It’s high time we got … Continue reading

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The Pros of Probiotics

We’ve all heard the claims of probiotic yogurts and their benefits for human health, but aside from improving our belly dancing skills, what exactly are probiotic bacteria doing? An elegant study from the Jeffrey Gordon lab explored the effects of consuming … Continue reading

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Interactive Human Microbiome Map

Scientific American provides an interactive map of the human microbiome in their latest online issue. Click on the bacteria to find out more about the individual species, including links to recent publications on their role in human health. A quick … Continue reading

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Microbiome & Clinical Diagnostics: What Will the Next 10 Years Reveal?

On the heels of the International Human Microbiome Congress that took place in Paris this past month, there has been much talk about the human microbiome and the effect that studying it will have on our abilities to diagnose and … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

Breast milk has long been known as a rich source of nutrients and antibodies essential for newborn’s health and protection against infection. Formula-fed babies are at higher risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, lower respiratory infection, asthma, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. … Continue reading

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