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The Microbiome and Longevity: How gut microbes may impact lifespan

In recent years, the microbiome has been recognized as a major factor affecting the functioning of host organisms, influencing both health and disease. At the same time, aging research has provided many possible interventional strategies aimed at extending the human … Continue reading

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2 for 1 deal: a response to Waste Not, Want Not and the benchmarking of ANCOM

This week’s microbiome journal club will look at the recent paper by Rob Knight’s group (Weiss et al., 2017) that simultaneously responded to “Waste Not, Want Not” and confirmed ANCOM as an effective differential abundance analysis technique.  More details about … Continue reading

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So you want to be a MicrobiomeAnalyst?

Analysis of microbiota composition has been an ongoing pursuit for decades. However, the improved feasibility of next-generation sequencing techniques have greatly increased access to gigabytes of microbiome data. Whether you look at the hypervariable regions of bacterial 16S rRNA gene … Continue reading

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Get That Weak Staph Outta Here!

Certain skin commensal bacteria protect individuals against Staphylococcus aureus colonization We’re all covered in skin (hopefully) and our skin is covered with microbes. For the most part, this skin microbiome coexists with us and remains stable, despite our constant contact with other people and our environment. … Continue reading

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Genomes from metagenomics: pulling the needles from the haystack.

Shotgun whole genome sequencing revolutionized how we study single, microbial isolates. By breaking the genome into small reads in vitro, we are able to parallelize sequencing and decrease costs before bioinformatic assemblers put the puzzle back together again in silico. However, re-building the genomic … Continue reading

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Introducing ANCOM a new (hopefully better) tool for microbiome analysis

The most frequently asked question in current analyses of different microbiomes is what organism(s) differentiates these two groups. As microbiologist and aspiring bioinformaticians we are all aware that due to the complex community structures of microbiomes, and the resulting complex … Continue reading

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Delivery by C-section Has No Effect on the Infant Microbiome… Wait What?

Every paper on the infant microbiome starts with known determinants… infant diet (formula or breastfeeding), oral antibiotic use and delivery method. But a new paper just out from Kjersti Aagaard’s group, who you may remember as the placental microbiome folks, … Continue reading

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A new year for our journal club!

Happy New Year, microbiome fanatics! With a new year, comes more interesting microbiome research for us to tackle in our journal club. Please take the opportunity now to sign up for an available spot on our 2017 calendar by commenting here, … Continue reading

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“Every man desires to live long; but no man would be old.” (Jonathan Swift)

In the coming decades, the populations of all developed countries will become substantially older. Not alone keeping older adults healthy will be of the highest importance in order to keep costs manageable for the health care system but also we … Continue reading

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Working Group: New location

Our weekly, drop in Microbiome Working Group sessions now have a new home! From now until the foreseeable future, working group will be in MDCL 2249. Come by with your laptop to discuss issues, theory, or simply meet others working … Continue reading

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