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Why do people have such different microbiomes from one another?

Discussing a computational approach to answering what controls inter-individual variability in the human microbiome. Modulating human microbial communities continues to be an area of intense academic and entrepreneurial interest because of the role of the human microbiome in determining health and … Continue reading

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Summing up: Exploration of the Virome in Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Norman et al.

Last week we drew our attention to the virome as discussed in “Disease-specific alterations in the enteric virome in inflammatory bowel disease” (Norman et. al). Continuing on the thread of ‘other’ components of the microbiome from our discussion last month … Continue reading

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Response to May 29, 2015 Journal Club: “Modulation of Post-Antibiotic Bacterial Community Reassembly and Host Response by Candida Albicans” [Downward et al, 2013]

Although this is a slightly older paper, the role of fungi in the gut microbiota is becoming an increasingly prevalent topic of discussion among microbiome groups, making this discussion a timely one. This group also previously published two papers on … Continue reading

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From FASTA file to microbiome profile: making sense of marker data

You’ve successfully turned your clinical or environmental DNA sample into a plethora of sequence information and you’re starting to analyze it with starry-eyed optimism. Or perhaps, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start. Not to worry, … Continue reading

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Microbial Sequencing 101: From bench-top to FASTA file

Are you itching to know what secrets lay in the nucleic acid of your favourite microbe? Are you curious in learning how to go from an environmental/clinical sample to revealing its microbial composition? On Friday July 13th from 12PM to 1PM … Continue reading

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Sequencing genomes from metagenomic samples

Next week we’re going to switch gears a bit to examine a brand new publication concerning the ability to sequence genomes of low-abundant organisms from large metagenomic samples.  We’ll give a general overview of the methods used, examine the results, … Continue reading

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